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Salem Baptist Church

Page 2: Salem Baptist's Virtual Presence

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General Sites

Salem Baptist Church. "Salem Baptist Church CU." Home page of Church.

WikiSpaces. "Salem Baptist Church." Fall 2009.
Wiki on church created by students in UIUC course on Digital Divide in Fall 2009. 

Cynthia Keaton-Williams. "Salem Baptist Church" ShutterFly.
Photograph site maintained by church photographer.

Salem Baptist Church "Facebook page. Salem Baptist site on popular social-networking site.

Music and Culture

Melissa Merli “Mo' Betta Music Camp helps students find their rhythm” News-Gazette June 21, 2009.
Describes UIUC Summer Camp for local musicians, and concert at Salem Baptist. (Features photograph of concert at Salem Baptist taken by Darrell Hoemann)

Bryan Wilson & the Bapolstogic Band. "If You're Talking About Jesus" YouTube.Com
A live clip recorded at Salem Baptist Church, January 2008.

GospelCity.Com "Bryan Wilson 'A Second Coming' Live DVD Recording" 2009.
Article describes the live recording of Wilson's DVD at Salem Baptist. Wilson and his band are Champaign-Danville natives.

News-Gazette. "Music Educator Willie Summerville Teaching Class Again" January 21, 2010.
Describes the new continuing education music course taught by Mr. Summerville at Salem Baptist in Spring 2010. 

Social Justice

Jon Nilson and the Rev. Claude Shelby. "Toward the Beloved Community: The Church's Role in the Struggle Against Racism." WILL Public Media. Focus 580 with David Inge. January 15, 2009.
Features commentary by Salem pastor Rev. Shelby. 

Steve Shoemaker "Keepin' The Faith: Rev. Claude Shelby" WILL Public Media. January 9, 2005.

empty tomb inc. "The Sparks Fly Upward"
Features interviews with, among others, Salem Pastor Emeritus Donaldson, discussing activism and religion in 1986. 

Troy M. Dayton "Forgiveness Weekend: Double Jeopardy or a New Beginning?" Last updated August 2009.
Describes an event organized between C-U Citizens for Peace and Justice, Salem Baptist Church, and ACLU that focused on civil rights and reconciliation. 

Feeding a Need. "The Town Makes Sure You're Going to Eat" News-Gazette. May-December 2009.
Includes mention of Grandma's Community Prayer Outreach, a soup kitchen at Salem Baptist. 

Biographies of Church Members

In the late 1990s and early 2000s the Early American American and the Champaign County African American History Committee teamed up to produce a number of exhibits focusing on biographies of local African-American citizens. The digitized version of that exhibit features biographies of the following church members:

Mary Alexander

Lila Bromwell Benton

Blanche Jamerson Harris

Betty Jean Lewis Hassell

Doris Ruth Hendricks

Nannie Ross Jamerson

Helen E. Johnson

Kathryn B. Jones

Robert Eugene Lewis

Sister Elease Milton

Charles E. Phillips, Sr.

Virginia Steward Rodgers

Flora Giles Scott

Pastor Claude E. Shelby Sr.

Mary Louise Tanner

Veola (Veecy) Tinsley

Mary Frances Varnado Walden