20th Annual Cotillion Ball

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20th Annual Cotillion Ball


Sororities, Education, African American Women, Post-Secondary Education, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., Gamma Upsilon Psi Society


This source is the booklet from the seventh annual Cotillion Ball held in April of 1992 at the Chancellor Hotel. It includes biographies photographs of Sadirah Ar-Raheem, Jennifer Fowler, Venessa Hall, Toi Peppers, Rochelle Smith, Arnetha Tate, and Lucinda Wilson.

List of Debutantes and Escorts:


First Name Last Name Parents Sponsor Receiver Escort Church School Planned College Planned Major
Lucinda Renee Wilson Elaine Wilson and Ellis Miller L.C. Owens Elaine Wilson Rashidi Lateef Overstreet Salem Baptist Church Urbana Illinois State University Education
Arnetha Annette Tate Eula Tate and Prentiss Tate Rev. Ronald Baker Eula Tate Gabriel Rushing Jericho Baptist Church Central Illinois State University Business Technology
Rochelle Laytrice Smith Mr. and Mrs. Melvin B. Smith Melvin B. Smith Mrs. Smith (mother) Sean Perryn Wilson Mt. Olive Baptist Church Central

Toi Nichole Peppers Mr. and Mrs. Leroy B. Peppers Leroy B. Peppers Mrs. Peppers (mother) L. Mark Harmon Mt. Olive Baptist Church Centennial High Southern Illinois University (Carbondale) Computer Systems Analysis
Venessa Michelle Hall Dorothy J. Hall-Smith and Charlie L. Hall Preston Keys Dorothy J. Hall-Smith Tyrone Michael Chatman, Jr. Canaan Baptist Church Centennial High University of Tennessee at Martin Psychology/Civil Engineering
Gennifer Ly Ann Fowler Mr. Howard Fowler and the late Mrs. Dorothy Fowler Jim Glenn (grandfather) Sandy Phillips (sister) Sherman Lemond Peppers II Canaan Baptist Church Centennial High Southern Illinois University (Carbondale) Computer Science
Sadriah Zadam Ar-Raheem Maryan Ar-Raheem and Otis A. Gregory Clevethel Lester (uncle) Maryan Ar-Raheem Chato Elliott Taylor
Urbana Hampton University Political Science


First name Last name Parents High School College Major notes
Tyrone Michael Chatman, Jr. Brenda Peat and Tyrone Chatman, Sr. Centennial University of Miami/University of Notre Dame Engineering
L. Mark Harmon Mr. and Mrs. Lee Harmon
Parkland/Duke University/Southern Illinois University (Carbondale)
member of Mt. Olive Baptist Church
Rashidi Lateef Overstreet Mary L. Ruffin and Ollie J. Overstreet Central
Business Administration member of Church of the Living God
Sherman Lemond Peppers, II Mr. and Mrs. Sherman L. Peppers
University of Illinois Education member of St. Luke Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Gabriel Rushing Mr. and Mrs. Duane Sykes Urbana

Chato Elliott Taylor Ethel Jackson and Clifton Jackson Urbana
Accounting/Speech Communications member of Greater Holy Temple Church
Sean Perryn Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Coffer
Parkland/Illinois State University


4 April 1992





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