21st Annual Cotillion Ball

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21st Annual Cotillion Ball


Sororities, Education, African American Women, Post-Secondary Education, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., Gamma Upsilon Psi Society


This source is the booklet from the seventh annual Cotillion Ball held in April of 1993 at the Chancellor Hotel. It includes biographies photographs of Alicia Biggers, Eulawnda Biggers, Stephanie Freeman, Felicia Hemphill, Jada Minor, Jtrenia Owens, Essence Freewill, Carlarta Pelmore, Carisma Simmons, Thomintha Simmons, Shandra Summerville, and Bernadit Whitney.

List of Debutantes and Escorts:


First Name Last Name Parents Sponsor Receiver Escort Church School Planned College Planned Major
Bernadict Shelette Whitney Earnestine Stainback and Robert Reynolds Robert Reynolds Earnestine Stainback Ronald Hall Church of the Living God Urbana Howard University (Washington, D.C.) Law/Education
Carisma Aheiba Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Elroy Simmons Elroy Simmons Mrs. Simmons (mother) U. Steffon Jones Canaan Baptist Church Centennial High University of Illinois Accounting
Thomitha Laden Simmons Sharyne Wilson and Thomas Simmons Harry Wilson (grandfather) Sharyne Wilson Steven Vincent Cobb Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church Centennial High Parkland Social Work
Carlarta Deonna Ratchford Virginia Demas and Calvin Ratchford Michael Hill (cousin) Virginia Demas James Edward Harris Canaan Baptist Church Central Parkland Pediatrician
Essence Dedranelle Pelmore Cynthia Pelmore Eddie Pelmore, Sr. (grandfather) Cynthia Pelmore Tyrone Michael Chatman, Jr. Morning Star Freewill Baptist Church Centennial High Southern Illinois University/Parkland Doctor
Jotrenia Darlean Owens Esterlean Owens older brother (no name given) Esterlean Owens Bathel Armon Gilbert
Centennial High Southern Illinois University/Parkland African American Studies
Jada Trinette Minor M. Jean Minor and Earl E. Minor Earl E. Minor M. Jean Minor Damon Yancy Smith St. Luke Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Centennial High University of Illinois Liberal Arts
Felicia Charrise Hemphill Jacqueline C. Abdullah and Mack Hemphill Lloyd Winston (uncle) Jacqueline C. Abdullah Dana Allen Litwin
Centennial High University of Wisconsin at Madison Political Science
Stephanie Elaine Freeman Mr. and Mrs. David M. Freeman David M. Freeman Mrs. Freeman (mother) Jon M. Browning
Central University of Illinois/Illinois State University Aerospace Engineering
Alicia Minette Biggers Mr. and Mrs. George L. Biggers George L. Biggers Mrs. Biggers (mother) Dion Aaron Clark Canaan Baptist Church Central

Eulawnda Natay Biggers niece of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Biggers Joe Biggers (uncle) Marsha Biggers-Bishop (aunt) Jimmie L. Winbush
Centennial High Eastern Illinois University Social Work
Shandra Alexander Summerville Mr. and Mrs. Willie J. Summerville Willie J. Summerville Mrs. Summerville (mother) Kendric Maurice Cobb Canaan Baptist Church Central Hinds Community College (Utica, Mississippi)/University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Social Work/Music


First name Last name Parents High School College Major notes
Jon M. Browning Mary Browning and Hobert Browning
member of Pilgrim Baptist Church, works at Huntington Towers
Tyrone Michael Chatman, Jr. Brenda Peat and Tyrone Chatman, Sr. Centennial High Devry Institute of Technology
works at Denny's
Dion Aaron Clark Phyllis Clark and Lee Clark Urbana Parkland
member of Mt. Olive Baptist Church
Kendric Maurice Cobb Delores Cobb Centennial High

member of Canaan Baptist Church
Steven Vincent Cobb Delores Cobb Centennial High

member of Canaan Baptist Church
Bathel Armon Gilbert Karen McDade and Steve Gilbert Central

member of Canaan Baptist Church
Ronald Richard Hall, Jr. Freda Hall and Ronald Hall, Sr. Urbana

works at Arby's (campus)
James Edward Harris Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Holloway and Oliver Harris Centennial High

member of Canaan Baptist Church
U. Steffon Jones Rev. and Mrs. Willie Jones
Parkland Criminal Justice member of Canaan Baptist Church
Dana Allen Litwin Willow Jenkins Centennial High

works at Merry-Go-Round
Daman Yancy Smith Mr. and Mrs. William Y. Smith
University of Illinois English
Jimmie L. Winbush Ann Winbush Central

member of Morning Star Freewill Baptist Church, works at Great American Cookie Company
Andre LaVelle Nance Linda Peace-Nance and Gregory Nance Urbana

alternate escort, member of Canaan Baptist Church


3 April 1993





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