29th Annual Cotillion Ball

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29th Annual Cotillion Ball


Sororities, Education, African American Women, Post-Secondary Education, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., Gamma Upsilon Psi Society


This source is the booklet from the seventh annual Cotillion Ball held in March of 2001 at the Holiday Inn Grand Ballroom. It includes biographies and photographs of Sterlisa Janelle Docketta Avant, Ciara Arnise Colbert, Myra Shaquell Carter, Tracy Michelle Carter, Kyla Patrice Claiborne, Miranda Damarius Crook, Tenacia Andralena Gardener, Tara Sherice Hunt, Jamel Latrese Jenkins, Tamara Lynette Nance, Kamirah Latifah Salaam, Samantha Joyce Stegal, Shaneka Terrel, Shamika Danielle Tillman, and Valerie Roxanne Wood.


List of Debutantes and Escorts:


First Name Last Name Parents Sponsor Siblings Receiver Escort Church School Planned College Planned Major
Sterlisa Janelle Dockketta Avant Sterlis and Gloria Avant Turhan Walker Turhan Walker Gloria Avant Anthony walker Jericho Baptist Church Centennial High School Eastern Illinois University or Southern Illinois University, Canbondale. Family and consumer science
Cianra arnise Calbert Denise Calbeth and late Artie Calbert, Sr. Artie Calbeth Jr. Artie Calbert Jr. Denise Calbeth Paris chandler Great New Light Missionary Baptist Church Rantoul Township High University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign mathematics and Justice
Myra Shaguell Carter Robert and Dorothy Carter
Robert Carter Dorothy Carter Jerry Davey Salem Baptist Church Urbana High Illinois State University or Southern Illinoi University, Carbondale
Tracy Michelle Carter Michael and Marilyn carter
Michael carter Marilyn Carter Jerris Davis New Baplist Church Urbana High University ogf Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Pre-medicince/biology
Kyla Patrice Claiborne Ronnie and Patricia Claiborne
Ronnie Claiborne Patricia Claiborne Omari Thomas St. Olive Baptist Church Central High School College Social Work
Miranda Damarius Crook George Cole and Betty Crook
Rick Crook (Uncle) Betty Crook Raynard Glass Mt. Olive Baptist Church Urbana High University ogf Illinois, Urbana-Champaign or Southern Illinois University, Carbondale Counting or Business Administration
Tenacia Andralena Gardner Calvin and Andralena Corey
Calvin Corey Andralena Corey Brandon McFarland Pilgrim Missiomary Baplist Church Centennial High School Easthern Illinois University or Illinois State UNiversity. Television/ Radio Broardcastion
Tara Sherise Hunt Tony and Diane Hunt
Uncle, Thomas Harrison Grandmother, Ruby Hunt Lathan Tilllman St. Olive Baptist Church Urbana High Parkland Community College/University Obstetric/Gynecology
Jamel Latrese Jenkins Rev.Danny and Carolyn Jenkins
Rev. Danny Jenkins Carolyn Jenkins Ray Williams III Macedonia MissionaryBaptist Church Urbana High Eastern Illinois University Elementary Education/Psychology
Tamara Lynette Nance Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Gregory I. and Linda Peace Nance
Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Gregory I Nance Linda Peace Nance Kenneth Wayne Bracely II Canaan baptist Church Urbana Central State University, Xenia / Wilberforce, Ohio Elementary Education or Secondary, Masters-social work, and Ph.D- Education Law or Education Administration
Karimah Latifah Salaam Abdulhakeem and Annette Salaam
Abdulhakeem Salaam Annette Salaam Maurice Horon Central Illinois Mosque and Isamic Center Urbana Hight university of Illinois Urbana-Champaign N/A
Samatha Joyce Stegall Annetta Allison
Cousin, Demian Waller Annetta Allison Malachi Kelly Church of the Living God Rantoul Township High Illinois State University English
Shaneka Terell Robert and Lucille sturkey
Robert Sturkey Lucille Sturkey Pat Phillips New Freewill Baptist Church Central High School College N/A
Shamika Danielle Tillman Reginald and Carla Tillman
Reginald Tillman Carla Tillman St. Luke C.M.E. church Cental High Parkland Community College General Science
Valerie Roxanne Wood Monica Wood Micah Wood Micah Wood Micah Wood Dartacvion Baity N/A Centennial High School Illinois State University or Southern Illinoi University, Carbondale education / Polilicl Science


First name Last name Parents High School College Major notes
Dartaevion Baity Elijah and Paulette Grant parkland Community College Illinois State University Computer Science A.M.E Church
kenneth Baracely II Venita Ready parkland Community College University of Arkanas, little Rock physical education/ history Canaan Missionary Baptist Church
Paris Chandler Debora Candler Urbana High School University of Illinois or North Carlina A&T Computer Science N/A
Jerry Davey Luvenia McDonalds Urbana High School Southern Illinois University, Carbondale Sociology N/A
Jarris Davis Demetrious and Moris Davis parkland Community College North Carolina A/T photography Studio Canaan Missionary Baptist Church
Raynard Glass Joe and Yolanda Glass parkland Community College University of illinois,Champaign-Urbana Engineering Mt. Olive baptist Church
maurice horton Lillie B. Miller parkland Community College clark-Atlana University Business C.M.E Church
Malchi Kelly Jewel and Betty Kelly The Academy Parkland community college N/A New Ligh Missionary Baptist Church
Brandon McFarland Peter and Debora McFarland Urbana College Accountant Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church
pat Phillips Jim Phillips Central High College N/A

Steve Streeter Earl and Lynda Central high N/A N/A N/A
Lathan Tilman Spencer and Yoland Laws Central high ITT Technical Institute Computer Networking N/A
Omari Thomas Willie and Camelita Thomas Parkland Community College Eastern Illinois University or University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana Computer Graphics or Computer Programming Mt.Olive Baptist Church
Anthony Walker Will and Edna Haynes Centennial high N/A (will join air Force) N/A Church of the living God, Pillar Ground of Truth
Ray Williams III Nate and Nancy Williams Urbana High College Communication Pilgrim Missionary Baptist church
keyle McKinley Elonda Brunner and Kevin Mc Kinley Urbana High university of Illinois or Itt Technical Technical Institute Anesthesiologist or software designer Mt.Olive Baptist Church


31 March 2001





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