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Searching the Database

How can I search the Cotillion Yearbook Database?

Step 1: Once you reach the Database page, you may browse all of the Cotillion Yearbooks by selecting the “Browse Items” option on the upper left side of the page. You can scan the descriptions of all of the yearbooks until you find one you would like to look at.

Step 2: Instead of browsing, you can also search the yearbooks using keywords. To search for specific keywords within the Cotillion Yearbooks, use the search box at the top, right corner of the page. You can enter a specific year, or name and the search will return a list of yearbooks that contain that keyword.

Step 3: Once you have a list of items, click on the title of the yearbook to view a full description of what that yearbook contains. You will be able to see information such as the year of the Ball, the names of debutantes and escorts, and the PDF of the full, digitized yearbook.