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Viewing and Printing Yearbooks

How do I view a full yearbook?

Step 1: Once you have selected the yearbook you wish to view, click on the PDF link. The PDF files can be very large and take a long time to open. If this happens, you can right click on the link and choose to save the file to your computer by choosing the “save link as…” option. You can save the file to any place on your computer (for instance to your desktop). Then go to your desktop and open the file. You can also look at the Cotillion Yearbooks using the Google Docs window at the bottom of the page.

Search Option: Once you have the full yearbook open, you may use the find box at the top of the Adobe Reader screen to locate certain words within the yearbook (for example the name of a debutante).

How do I print a yearbook?

Step 1: If you would like to print the yearbook, choose the printer button (the icon of a little printer) at the far top left of the Adobe Reader window, or go to “File” and in the drop down window select “Print”.

Step 2: Then select the printer you want to use and select the number of pages you would like to print. Some of the yearbooks are very long, so be sure to have enough paper and ink if you are going to print a full book.