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These are article clippings about Dobbin Downs getting a park, a safer place for others, and a local leader was a witness to a scene.


CHAMPAIGN – A few hundred children will be ready to start school, thanks to a group of men who provide the supplies as a community service project.

They call themselves the Heavenly Seven Club (although there are now about 15 men in the…

This is a newspaper clippjng about construction and contractors.

These are newspaper clippings about teaching kids to bricklayer and do construction and how segregation is apart of the industry,

This is a newspaper clipping about how the former first daughter is impressed with the rehabilitation programs.

This is a newspaper clipping that talks about jobs and the initiatives that they took about employment.


Article on Operation Hope, a Champaign School District aimed at low-income youth, seeking to provide them with opportunities for advancement during the Summer in the hopes of getting them into college.

This is an article clipping from the News Gazette on the black power era in Champaign-Urbana. It talks about some ofthe issues they wanted to fix from the movement.


Stories on re-development of Eads Street Lots to fund B.T.W.; New Computer Labs in Douglas Library; and retirement of Les Stratton


These are clippings from the News Gazette about building being established in the Champaign community such as the Garden Hills project and the Salvation Army's Shelter. It goes into detail about how they were helping the community or how the…