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Through the Years: African-American History Comes Home and more

Chanute Museum Exhibit Tribute to 99th Pursuit Squadron Technical Command by
Estelle Merrifield; The Cotillion by Doris Hoskins;
Did You Know: Pictures of Days Gone By by Hester Suggs


Salem Baptist Church by Veola Tinsley

A Tribute: The 99th Pursuit Squadron by Erma Scott Bridgewater

Salem Baptist Church Scrapbook

The Cotillion Part II by Kathryn B. Humphrey



Maudie Edwards, the Teacher: My Story by Maudie Edwards

Champaign-Urbana Education Firsts by Doris Hoskins

Reaching Out to Teach Our Children by Barbera Gillespie Washington

African-American Educators Through the Years in…


Mercy Hospital School of Nursing by Doris Hoskins and Esther Matthew

The Francis Nelson Health Center: A Personal Account by Frances Friedman

Frances Nelson Health Center Then and Now by Erma Bridgewater and Doris Hoskins

The Shelton Laundry, Black Owned Businesses and more


Continuing Memories Shared

Astriana's History bt Astriana Pierson

The Donaldson Family by Ryan Donaldson

The Webb Family by Kenisha Webb

From the Grandmother of Talonda Giboney by Irene Philips

To be Remembered: Terry…


Special Millennium Issue-"A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" by Doris Hoskins

Features photographs:
Circa 1900 through 1920
Circa 1930
Circa 1940
Circa 1950
Circa 1960
Circa 1970
Circa 1980 and 1990



Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church by Kathryn Humphrey

Church Women United in Champaign-Urbana by Betty Westwater

Church Women United by Doris Hoskins


Features personal memories of the African-American individuals who shaped the built environment in Champaign-Urbana. Also includes brief biographies of those individuals whose names have been used for various facilities throughout Champaign-Urbana.