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How Project 500 shaped diversity on campus
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Project 500 was the first major attempt by the Urbana campus to provide equal educational opportunity for all children of families in Illinois.

In 1968, following the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.,…


This source is the booklet from the thirty-first annual Cotillion Ball held in 2003 in Champaign. It includes the biographies and photographs of Oluwayemisi Adesida, Chrishanna Carter, Helen Heath, Tiffany Moreland, Phelicia Puryear, Rashidah…

Website of the Odyssey Project, a higher education program run in affiliation with the University of Illinois at the Douglas Center. Has articles and information on the program.

This research was a qualitative case study designed (a) to examine the relationship between two higher education organizations and an Urban League affiliate that came together in response to a National Urban League, Inc. resolution to improve the…


CHAMPAIGN – A few hundred children will be ready to start school, thanks to a group of men who provide the supplies as a community service project.

They call themselves the Heavenly Seven Club (although there are now about 15 men in the…

This source is the booklet from the twenty-sixth annual Cotillion Ball held in April of 1998 at the Holiday Inn Convention Center. It includes biographies and photographs of Angela Burnett, Sarah Butler, Corisma Carter, Shayonda Davenport, Zewditu…


These are newspaper clippings about teaching kids to bricklayer and do construction and how segregation is apart of the industry,

Article on Operation Hope, a Champaign School District aimed at low-income youth, seeking to provide them with opportunities for advancement during the Summer in the hopes of getting them into college.