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Program for the 162nd session meeting, held at Salem Baptist Church in Champaign.

Special church service to celebrate the paying off of the mortgage on Salem Baptist Church Property. Rev. A.T. Rowan was the pastor at this time.

Special program for 53rd Annual Men's Day Church Service

File on W. Howe Donaldson in the Doris K. Wylie Hoskins Archive for Cultural Diversity

Commemorative program produced by Salem Baptist Church to celebrate the dedication of a new sanctuary built to the east of its 1909 Sanctuary. NOTE: Commemorative History separated from this file and available as separate file.

Newspaper clippings, photographs and church programs documenting Salem Baptist Church throughout its history. Each pdf file contains a different segment of Ms. Hoskins' files on Salem Baptist Church.

Excerpts from an anthropology dissertation written on the concept of time. Includes a twenty-five page section on Salem Baptist Church and its conceptualization of time and the past. Also includes chapter on St. Mary's Catholic Church.

Image of Salem Baptist Church chapel

Photo of Salem Baptist Church parsonage acquired by the church in December 1969. The parsonage is located at 1712 South Prospect.