Relationship between Carle Foundation and UIUC

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Relationship between Carle Foundation and UIUC




This project investigates the underlying causes of a perceived disparity in resources and access between Carle Foundation Hospital and the local community. Carle Foundation Hospital is home to 90 percent of the doctors in Central Illinois, but is only affordable for 30 percent of local residents. The authors examine the contribution of the university to Carle’s success, and ask if people not affiliated with the university have poorer access to healthcare. This project is based on archival and ethnographic research. The authors interviewed three people, and attended Carle’s 75th anniversary celebration. They find that Carle’s Charity Care program does not cover the expenses of the Clinic, which is for profit. People who can afford it (including many UIUC faculty) will go to Carle rather than Provena. Provena’s charity work only represents one percent of their total revenue, which has caused Provena to lose its tax exemption. Because of this, many Provena patients may have to switch to Carle, if they can afford it.


Neumann, Holly; Irfan, Roveiza




December 15, 2006

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Neumann, Holly; Irfan, Roveiza, “Relationship between Carle Foundation and UIUC,” eBlack Champaign-Urbana, accessed November 21, 2019,

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