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Kathryn Humphrey Biography


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This is the biography of a Central High school graduate, Kathryn Humphrey. She is invovled in a lot of community organizations and is the founder of the Gamma Upsilon Society which organizes the local cotillion.


27 October 2008

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Kathryn Humphrey, class of 1941, was born in Champaign, Illinois in 1923. After she graduated from CHS, she worked as a domestic and was then employed by the City of Champaign Recreation Department. She went to schools during recess and taught them new games. She also worked with middle and high school students at the Douglass Center. Later, she worked as a Laboratory Attendant at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. She also served on the Unit 4 Board of Education and as Trustee of the Champaign Township Supervisor's Office. She has also taught Sunday School classes and is co-founder of the Gamma Upsilion Psi Society, which sponsors the annual Cotillion. She is a Charter Member of the Champaign County section of the National Council of Negro Women. In 1989, she was named "Citizen of the Month" and has been the recipient of many other awards.




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