Memories of R. Charity on growing up in Champaign

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Memories of R. Charity on growing up in Champaign


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R Charity


July 2010

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eBlackChampaign-Urbana seeks to use
digital technology to connect interested individuals to the dispersed
documentation of African-American experiences in Champaign-Urbana. We
currently have nearly 500 digitized texts, photographs, audio and video
files on African-American history in C-U and are working to make this
become a community resource through our hiring of six local youths to
serve as eBlackCU Spiders

Representing Champaign Urbana as a kid that had the opportunity to live on campus less than five minutes from the University of Illinois Student Union, I, Robert J Charity, want to give back and provide my expertise in this initiative to provide the next level of digital technology to connect, educate and enhance the ability to obtain such documents of African-American experiences in Champaign-Urbana.
Introducing myself, I was born at Mercy Hospital and raise by my grandparents, cousins, great-grand parents and other extended families to keep me on the correct path. I lived on Locust and Healey Street about 5 minutes from the student union at the University of Illinois. I was influenced by strong presence such as Bruce Nesbitt, Jean Nesbitt, Vernon Barkstall, and other leaders in the community that believed in the connection to University of Illinois and the community.
My big sisters, Nora (Davis) Stewart, and Margo (Davis) who introduced me to Upward Bound and this has led me to my success to endeavor and stay motivated. I graduated from Champaign Central. I was a member of the NAACP and served as Vice President as well as the Urban League. During this period, I was involve in many activities particularly playing drums. I went to college at Northern Illinois University and graduated with a degree in Economics and minor in African American studies and Math/Computer Science. At NIU, I enjoyed the opportunity to join Alpha Phi Alpha Frat Inc play drums for the Gospel Choir as well at University of Illinois. My Choir and I was involved with the Gospel Workshops in Atlanta Georgia, and this is where I made my commitment to further my endeavors in life.
I went back to DeVry University and received a degree in Electronic Technology. This allowed me to be in the career of IT for 21 years and still striving. I have been working with Upward Bound as Assistant Center Director at Clark Atlanta University in 1991. I was one of the founders of the Math Science initiative where I even incorporated my brother, Val Doss a prodigy of Upward Bound and successful WAN Engineer as well as Marine who served his country at Iraq, who donated his time as Chemistry and Math class assistant.
Presently, I am working on my Technical Management Degree at DeVry University where I will be graduating in Feburary of 2011. I will be working on my PHD at Georgia State University in Instructional Technology. I have worked with the creator of Kids Tuneup, Darryl Johnson, giving back to latch key kids and having summer programs in apartment complex feeding them breakfast and lunch provided by Dekalb County in Georgia and FDA. They provided the same nutritious meals they had at school.
I have researched through the Government and the 501c3 society about digital technology entering the 5 generation strategy and there are grants, grass root initiatives, and “how to do” antidotes to provide a solution for your digital content through Corporate American’s presence such as Apple, ATT, Verizon to encompass all avenues available for all users of the technology through the available communication tools == ie: Iphones, Blackberrys, Droid, and other telecommunication products.
At last, I conclude the 5th generation technology that will use Apple Iphone4 and competing devices to continue to try to eliminate the PC and Laptop. Small devices that you can chat, video conference using skype, social websites such as facebook, twitter, etc, video emailing, will allow the access of the digital information adopted for the requirements of Technical Experts.
The resource stated originally in this email, “currently have nearly 500 digitized texts, photographs, audio and video files on African-American history in C-U” can create website, social connection and skype access which is free through the strongest technology..
The Internet…

I would like to thank Delmar Nesbitt and the other leaders for the chance to incorporate my current pioneering for giving back to my community by offering the enlightening of opportunity for free assistance in technology and to motivate more of our higher level leaders, in the community as well as the university to present a roundtable about the future and what can resources through the community can spike and better the Champaign Urbana environment for Kids and well as Seniors on campus and the city of CU.


R Charity
Charity Enterprises - CEO



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