Housing Analysis and Program Recommendation for the Bristol Place Neighborhood, Champaign, Illinois

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Housing Analysis and Program Recommendation for the Bristol Place Neighborhood, Champaign, Illinois


Public Housing, Champaign County Housing Authority, Urban Planning


From Executive Summary:

The Bristol Place Neighborhood is an area comprised of mixed uses, including single-family
residential, industrial, and commercial zones. It is located on north Champaign and it is
limited to the area bounded by Bradley Avenue on the south, Neil Street on the west,
Canadian National railroad on the east, and the Interstate 74 highway on the north. It features
major arterial, connecting, and residential streets. The main major streets are Market Street,
Bradley A venue, and Neil Street.
Social surveys, physical surveys, City's Assessor's Data collection and Sales data collection
and analyses led to the identification of the neighborhood's most pressing housing issues
Physical Assessment and Social Inventory Surveys were conducted to determine to study the
needs of this neighborhood. The Physical Survey found that:
411 The majority of the houses need some kind of repair
III There are significant open lots, both privately owned and by the city
4D There a number of abandonedlboarded up units
The Social Inventory Survey found that"
III The residents are mostly poor African Americans
., The residents are mostly renters
411 The residents are long term residents
• There is fear of crime in the neighborhood
In addition, City Assessor's office data collection was carried out. The Assessor's Data
reveals that properties in this neighborhood are assessed significantly below their market
value. Similarly, Sales survey form the past 5 years leads to the same conclusion, namely that
housing units were sold below their market value.
Based on the above surveys, this paper recommends the following programs to address
neighborhood issues:
• Clearance and In-Fill - City initiated program aimed to eliminate boarded
up/abandoned units and open spaces. The Clearance part of the program is aimed
to eliminate dilapidated structures that serve as centers for activities;
In-Fill dimension of the recommendation aims to need for more
affordable housing.
• Minor to Substantial Rehabilitation - Addresses the needs of properties
identified as requiring up to $15,000 in maintenance and repairs. The program is
designed for housing rehabilitation and is not a remodeling program. New
construction, basement finishes, etc., are not allowable.

.. New Rental Housing Construction - This program recommends
constructing new apartment complex to meet the demand for affordable houses.
This policy should be acted upon only after the first two are addressed and an
evaluation is carried out to examine ifthere is a need for more affordable housing.
The survey questionnaires and other relevant material are enclosed as appendix.


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