A Strategic approach to Community Health Improvement 2006-2011

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A Strategic approach to Community Health Improvement 2006-2011


Public Health, Champaign County Public Health District


Purpose Statement:

The Champaign County Community Health Plan provides a current portrait of the
health assets and needs of the residents of Champaign County.
Illinois state law requires every local health department to participate in this
process, called the Illinois Project for Local Assessment of Needs (IPLAN). This process
must be conducted at minimum every five years. The detailed assessment and plan
provides the foundation for evidence-based health planning and decision-making.
The essential elements of IPLAN are:
1. An organizational capacity assessment;
2. A community health needs assessment; and
3. A community health plan, focusing on a minimum of three priority health
The Champaign County Community Health Plan was created using a model called
“Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnership” (MAPP). This collaborative
approach to community health planning was developed by the National Association of
County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) in cooperation with the Public Health
Practice Program Office and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC). MAPP helps communities form effective partnerships that can better identify
their unique circumstances and needs and use their resources wisely.
MAPP is a community-driven process. It is more intensive than other approaches
in that it requires a high level of participation from community organizations and
residents. This model employs a variety of methods to uncover community health trends,
Champaign County Community Health Plan, 2006
identify gaps in care, evaluate assets and – most importantly – develop and implement a
plan that successfully addresses community health needs.
The four components of MAPP
􀂄 The Community Health Status Assessment collects and analyzes health data and
describes health trends, risk factors, health behaviors and issues of special concern.
􀂄 Community Themes and Strengths Assessment uses participants to make a list of
issues of importance to the community, identify community assets and outline quality
of life concerns.
􀂄 The Local Public Health System Assessment measures the local public health system’s
ability to conduct essential public health services.
􀂄 The Forces of Change Assessment identifies local health, social, environmental or
economic trends that affect the community or public health system.
The Community Health Plan was initiated by the Champaign-Urbana Public Health
District to determine locally relevant health priorities to better serve the residents of
Champaign County. Public health issues demand collaborative and coordinated efforts to
minimize service duplication and excess cost, and to be successful in intervention. This
process provides both the community knowledge and support necessary for the
identification and management of health problems.
The Health District convened a diverse group of health providers, civic leaders
and community representatives to participate in this process. The goal is for all partners
in the local public health system to work together to implement the recommendations
outlined in this plan.


Awais Vaid and Diana Yates


Champaign Public Health District



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