Who is "Black" at the University of Illinois, 1965-1975

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Who is "Black" at the University of Illinois, 1965-1975


Black Experience on Campus, Black Power Movement


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During the late 1950s and early I 960s, the proponents of the Civil Rights Movement encouraged African
Americans to petition for the protection of their constitutional rights. Securing equality of social and
educational opportunity was seen as a key to success and this was pursed through non-violent means. By
the late 1960s, a new development, the Black Power Movement, advocated a more aggressive posture
as some Blacks were becoming increasingly frustrated with the slow pace of change. Some African Americans
opposed the non-violent strategy adopted by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
(NAACP) and the more moderate Civil Rights leaders in favor of more confrontational methods. Blacks on university
campuses across the United States gathered to discuss and plan ways they could more aggressively combat the
inequalities Blacks experienced.


Joy Ann Williamson


Journal of the Midwest History of Education Society, Volume 24



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Joy Ann Williamson, "Who is "Black" at the University of Illinois, 1965-1975," in eBlack Champaign-Urbana, Item #844, http://eblackcu.net/portal/items/show/844 (accessed August 16, 2022).

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