Manifesto 2011: Community and Technology

We dedicate ourselves to become difference makers! An information revolution is underway, leading global transformation in health, education, business, culture and in the diverse activities of our daily lives.

This revolution cannot and will not bypass any underserved or low income community. Every person and every neighborhood is impacted and therefore challenged to act.

We rely on: cyber-democracy, collective intelligence, and information freedom.

Cyber-Democracy means universal access: every person and every community organization able to make full use of new technologies.

Collective Intelligence means hearing all voices: all of us uploading as well as downloading.

Information Freedom means online information is findable, easy to use, and requires no special permission to access.

With these values, we will work together so all our communities and community organizations can communicate, represent themselves online, and use digital technology to create cyber-power for social change!

Please sign a manifesto so we can pool our voices to make change. Your information will be added to the list of signers of this manifesto so that we can provide evidence of the grassroots commitment to make change through technology in our community. All contact information will remain confidential and will only be used by the eBlackChampaign-Urbana project team to provide you with updates regarding the distribution of the manifesto. Use the contact form for any questions.



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