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Khair Ali Oral History on moving to Champaign, boxing and converting to Islam. Ivon Ridgeway sat in for in interview. Interview conducted by Noah Lenstra Khair Ali video part 1 Khair Ali video part 2

This video features short clippings of Rev. Ben E. Cox, Sr., Judy Richardson, Nate Dixon, John Lee Johnson, Dianne Pinderhughes, Mary Alexander, and Callie Fitzgerald discuss their participation in Civil Rights and activism to forward the cause of…


IN PROCESS - check back later for full filesFor full files visit: http://www.eBlackCU.net/portal/symposium

Interview with John Lee Johnson on David Eisenman' public televesion show, Making A Difference #6. Note - for low-res versions of videos visit: youtube.com/eblackcu

Video of launch of Hip Hop Express at the Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club