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Tinsley's Cleaners, located first at the corner of Main and First, before moving to the 200-block of North First Street, was run by Roscoe Tinsley, here pictured before his shop.

Photo of Lawrence Jackson, L.C. Jackson and Larry Algee in front of the old Jacksons' Lounge, which was replaced by the new Jackson's Ribs-and-Tips Restaurant and Lounge, financed with the aid of the North First Street Redevelopment Project.

Photograph accompanying an article on the opening of Rose & Taylor's Barbershop on the site of the former Tommy's Barbershop, on North First Street. Left to right Joe Taylor. Lum Rose and new barber Danny Simms pose behind customer Hakim Muhammad.

Award winners pose at the Champaign Country Club. Attending the dinner Friday night were, from left, Ted and Rose Adkisson of TERO 's Beauty & Nail Salon, Robert Hambrick and Hazel Hambrick of Hambrick's Maintenance Service Co., and Andy Davis of…


Photographs of John Lee Johnson, local activist

Photograph of the corner of First Street and University Avenue

Photograph showing North First Street along the 100- and 200-block during the mid-1990s, with captions indicating current building owners.

Map showing the state of the buildings along North First Street, as of 1995.

Drawing of North First Street prepared as part of the redevelopment initiative in the mid-1990s. The drawing extends from the Cattle Bank to the Lone Star Lounge.

Singer Mary Clark and Gerald "Candy" Foster in "Candy's Lounge," a bar that existed on North First Street in the former Eagle's Nest building during the late 1980s and early 1990s.