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Powerpoint prepared by Ruby Mendenhall,
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Sociology, African American Studies, and Urban and Regional Planning
April 21, 2011
Institute for Research on Poverty
University of Wisconsin-Madison



Champaign-Urbana Public Health District Celebrates National Black HIV /
AIDS Awareness Day with Special Testing Clinics

Press Releases from C-U Public Health District


Features, among other content, stories on local African-American servicemen during World War II as well as memories of Chanute Air Force Base and the African-American Experience in Rantoul.

http://will.illinois.edu/WWII/stories/C232/ …

Interview with John Lee Johnson on David Eisenman' public televesion show, Making A Difference #6. Note - for low-res versions of videos visit: youtube.com/eblackcu

The recent events resulting in the shooting death of 15-year old Kiwane Carrington high lights the national tragedy of youth victims of violence. The national trend is increasing across U.S. urban centers. Recent national exposure of youth victim…

Book-length study of the Champaign Police Department.


This is an aarticle that the Illinois government did research on about public affairs about policing. It also goes into details about the basic attributes, benefits, the fear of crimes, and the rates over the years.


This report includes graphs and information about what is occuring in schools and the activities that are going on in the community also. This information also talks about the incidents rates that occur.

This journal is about the context of violence among the gangs of the women. They talk about the North End, Community involvement, Early Family Life, Parent Drug/Crime History, Gang Group Interactions and Membership, “Gang-Related”…