North First Street History Documentaries

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North First Street History Documentaries


Businesses--Rose & Taylor, Businesses--Hickory Pit, North First Street


Documentaries produced by eBlackCU 2010 Spiders. Interview subjects include: Carol Lewis, Ted Adkisson, Will Kyles, Beverley Lacy, Joe Stovall, Erma Bridgewater, Staci Ward, Renee Westfield, Forman Pursley, Jeanine Anglin and Tracy Parsons. Also includes a video montage of images of North First Street through the years.

Fondest Memories of North First Street

Neighborhood Changes in North First Street

Oldest Memories of North First Street

Opinions of Future of North First Street

North First Street Photograph Documentary

Memories of Businesses on North First Street

Ted Adkisson Memories

Tracy Parsons Memories


eBlackCU 2010 Spiders.

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eBlackCU 2010 Spiders. , "North First Street History Documentaries," in eBlack Champaign-Urbana, Item #1231, https://eblackcu.net/portal/items/show/1231 (accessed May 27, 2024).

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