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Introduction: This directory was created and maintained by member libraries of the Lincoln Trails Library
System—especially Champaign Public Library, Marshall Public Library and Charleston Public Library –
between the late 1990s and early 2000s. Its purpose was to help reference staff and patrons find up-to-date
information on community organizations in the communities in which the libraries were located.
As the local CyberInfrastructure was developed, and similar databases and directories were supported by,
among others, the Champaign County Mental Health Center, the need for this database waned and staff time
allocated to maintaining the database shifted elsewhere.
The present volume preserves a snap-shot of the database as of Fall 2009 – and includes not only entries for
community organizations at that time period, but also entries for various community organizations that have
existed in East-Central Illinois between approximately 1995 and 2010. Although it is not comprehensive, it can
serve as a valuable tool to discover the history of community organization, not-for-profits and social service
Organization: The directory is organized in alphabetical order by the first letter of the organization. In many
cases organizations have various alternate names, meaning that redundant entries appear in this directory. Thus
“American Red Cross - Illini Prairie Chapter” is found both in the “A’s” section and in the “R’s” section under
“Red Cross.” A full-text searchable version of this directory is maintained on the Champaign County Historical
Archives’ server for additional access points.
Structure of entries: Not all entries are complete. For the most complete entries there will be lines for, in this
order, “Name,” “Alternative Names,” “Description,” “Address,” “Phone,” “Mailing Address,” “Hours,”
“Contact,” “Subjects,” “Services Available,” “Affiliation,” “Eligibility,” and “URL.”


Noah Lenstra


Lincoln Trails Library System


July 2010

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