Kathy Martin

Kathy Martin was born in August of 1947 at the Burnham City Hospital. In 1976, Martin was newly involved with the Education Resources in Environmental Science department, where she was under the guidance of David Monk. Under Monk's stewardship, the organization focused their outreach programs on the North End. They created a community outreach hub at the Douglass Center for individuals interested in various artistic activities, including silkscreens and the construction of smaller murals with help of local artists.

The organization soon decided to do a mural involving and representing the whole community and its history. They contacted Chicago-based artist Mark Rogovin, who came to Champaign-Urbana to conduct a workshop on mural construction. Following this event, Angela Rivers was hired to work with high school students to make the Park Street Mural a reality. Kathy diligently ensured that the program was well-funded and supplies were obtained.

Kathy believes the the mural provided the community with a symbolic history of the people that lived there. She expressed her sadness to see the mural degrade over the years, and hopes that the story of the mural will inspire and unite community members to create a similar work of art.

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