Wall of Respect: Sponsored by the Mary & Leigh Block Museum of Art and the Academic Technologies Division of information Technology of Northwestern University, the Wall of Respect was created by a group of visual artists from the Organization of Black American Culture in 1967. It was an outdoor mural on the South Side of Chicago that inspired a national mural movement and influenced the Park Street Mural in Champaign-Urbana.

Symmetry File 1:This document outlines the initial plan for the Symmetry project, a summer arts internship program based at Krannert Center. The program would support underrepresented young adult students of color in the Fine and Applied Arts.

Symmetry File 2:This collection of files describes the planning and promotion of the Symmetry organization. The group was comprised of black visual artists, musicians, poets, dancers, actors, and fashion designers.

eBlackCU Mural Picasa Album: A gallery of images related to the mural, including images of the artists at work, photos of the individuals represented in the mural, and snapshots of the mural taken before it was dismantled.

"A Legacy of Community Art in and Around Douglass Park" Via eBlackCU, download a digitized pamphlet describes the many public art projects in and around Douglass Park. The publication includes images and information about the mural.