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Research report prepared as part of a North First Street Redevelopment Program Research by Annalise Fonza in 2002. Includes transcriptions of interviews with with Lum Rose & Joe Taylor, Allan Penwell and John L. Johnson. Also includes two documents…

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Table of Contents: Introduction – Vernon L. Barkstall; Profile of Key Data – John H. McClendon; The Demography of Black Champaign County – Mary Blackstone; It Seems to Me – Taylor Thomas; Black Female Headed Households and…

Photographs of North First Street taken in the mid-1980s. Locations photographed include Our Place Barber Shop, Lone Star Lounge, Candy's Lounge, Champaign Cattle Bank Museum, Brown's Cafe, D'Ghanza Beauty Salon, Jackson's Open Pit BBQ and Lounge.

Proposal for an outreach initiative of WBML radio directed at high school age local African-American youth.

List of African-American contractors in Champaign-Urbana.

Listing of predominantly African-American churches, compiled in the mid-1980s.


Salem Baptist Church newsletter
Articles Include:

The Pastor's Pen Points: Enlarging the Tent. Rev. Claude E. Shelby Sr.

Special Tribute to Deacon Theotto Bowles

Vacation Bible School

A Visit to Isreal by Timothy Jones

Women's Day…

Salem Baptist Church newsletter
Articles include:
From the Pastor's Desk by Rev. Claude E. Shelby

Baptist General State Congress of Christian Education by Betty J. Hassell

Pastor Shelby's Sixth Anniversary

Salem Speaks Needs You