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Investigates survey methodologies and non-response reasons for low-income African-Americans in North Champaign, especially around the Douglas Community Center.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate an after school program that is designed
to meet the specific needs of African American youth. The program is called the
Academic Cultural Enrichment (ACE) Mentorship Program and is sponsored, in part,…

Photo Caption: Janice Mitchell (left) with parent Elysia Monroe and her son Darrion Brown at what will be the new Neighborhood Connection Center on E. Main Street in Urbana on 2009 By Darrell Hoemann

Article: The Neighborhood Community Center,…

Engaging and Empowering Youth (E2Y) is a year-long collaboration between talented teens and adult mentors. Based in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, these African-American teenagers worked to map local teen resources and share their findings with youth…

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Statement of concern condemning the racial profiling being used by various local law enforcement agencies, including a listing of such incidents in Fall 1991.

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