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Research report prepared as part of a North First Street Redevelopment Program Research by Annalise Fonza in 2002. Includes transcriptions of interviews with with Lum Rose & Joe Taylor, Allan Penwell and John L. Johnson. Also includes two documents…

Please add any comments or memories these yearbooks bring to you by using the comment form at the bottom of this page. You can also contribute related files (such as commencement programs or school scrapbooks) by using this site’s contribution…

The Bethel Historical Committee is in the process of updating Bethel's early history. What follows is a compilation of information gathered from a variety of sources, including past Founder's Day programs. The Committee invites Bethel members,…

Special program for 53rd Annual Men's Day Church Service

Commemorative program produced by Salem Baptist Church to celebrate the dedication of a new sanctuary built to the east of its 1909 Sanctuary. NOTE: Commemorative History separated from this file and available as separate file.

Two volume report on the proposed revitalization of North First Street, prepared by Urban Planning students under the direction of Leonard Heumann for the City of Champaign. In two volumes.

Images of local quilt-makers whose quilts were featured in the Spring 1994 Krannert Art Museum exhibit "Covering Our Heritage." Photoed include: Luvata Bowles, Mary Louise McCoy, Pauline Gates Pelmore, Mamie Smith, Maudie Edwards, and Emma Brant

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Photographs of local African-American quilter Mary Avant.

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Quilt displayed as part of Krannert Art Museum exhibit on African-American quilting in Champaign-Urbana. Exhibit took place in Spring 1994.

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"Covering Our Heritage" was an exhibit that took place at Krannert Art Museum in Spring 1994 and featured local African-American quilt-makers. In these images from the exhibit opening: Roger Cooper gives a dramatic reading; Rosemary Cooper introduced…

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