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Files of the Community Advocacy Depot (from the University of Illinois Archives)

Bousfield became the first African American woman to attend and graduate from the University of
Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She continued to be the only African American female at the university for about two years. Continues some discussion of her…

Unedited texts Community Engagement @ Illinois: Connecting Research and Service at the University of Illinois. These documents are the unedited submissions that were excerpted for the final published volume, available at:…

Radio documentary produced by University Laboratory High School Freshman students. Composed of interviews with 13 African-American women in Champaign County. In two mp3 files. Files can be downloaded at:…

One photocopy of Ground Level: Viewpoints and Opinions from the Local Community. Volume 1, Number 1 (1976). Champaign, Illinois: Oasis Graphic Arts.

For full, unedited texts of volume see: http://eblackcu.net/portal/items/show/798

Table of contents of Volume:
Chapter Page
Introduction, Noah Lenstra and Abdul Alkalimat vii
Section 1. Historical Context
The University of Illinois Negro…

Promotional Video of the Learning Center and Computer Lab Redesign for the Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club of Champaign, IL.

This directory was created so that black students, faculty, and staff would be able to interact more easily.

The Mcnair program is a great tool to push people toward careers in academia.

Website of the Odyssey Project, a higher education program run in affiliation with the University of Illinois at the Douglas Center. Has articles and information on the program.