Champaign Central High School Maroon Yearbook, 1973

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Champaign Central High School Maroon Yearbook, 1973


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The screens below contain browsable digital copies of the yearbook file. The yearbook is split into sections to make it load quicker in your browser. You can also download these files as pdfs and use these pdf files for whatever purposes you wish - including making images of particular individuals through editing the pdf files in a program such as GIMP. A complete pdf copy of the yearbook follows the different sections.

These yearbooks were digitized by eBlackCU Summer 2011 interns, Adrian Rochelle, Daunelle Thompson and Nathan Owens, at the Department of African-American Studies, University of Illinois. These yearbooks were borrowed from community high schools and/or the Urbana Free Library Champaign County Historical Archives. Some of these yearbooks have had pages or photographs ripped out. If you notice any gaps, and if you have more complete yearbooks, please contact us and we will be happy to update this website with more complete information.

The files below are low-resolution, web-access copies of these yearbooks. To access higher-resolution versions of particular pages in these yearbooks please contact us and we will be happy to send them to you.


Champaign Central High School


Champaign Central High School



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Champaign Central High School, "Champaign Central High School Maroon Yearbook, 1973," in eBlack Champaign-Urbana, Item #2054, https://eblackcu.net/portal/items/show/2054 (accessed May 27, 2024).

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