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Aug 19

August 19, 2011 eBlackCU Announcements

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Table of Contents:

1) eBlackCU Announcements
2) Other Community Technology Announcements

1) eBlackCU Announcements

a) C-U Digital Memories Video Released

Announcing the release of a collaborative video of local digital
memories recorded at Champaign-Urbana Days.

The C-U Days Digital Memories project is sponsored by eBlackCU with
support from the Champaign Park District, National Council of Negro
Women, Champaign County Historical Archives – Urbana Free Library and
Museum of the Grand Prairie – Champaign County Forest Preserve.

We are pleased to release the C-U Days Digital Memories Compilation at
this address:

Please see at the bottom of the page the space for commenting – we
encourage everyone to leave additional memories seeing this video may
stir within them.

Also please feel free to share this link with others.

A DVD will be available at local libraries, archives and museums
within the year. those without Internet access.

b) eBlackCU Manual Released

We are working on putting together a nuts-and-bolts manual explaining
how we do what we do. Everyone can play a part in digital community

Please review the manual and offer your feedback:

We need people to start using this manual so that everyone is
participating in the digitization of the community.

c) Summer Yearbook Digitization Project Wraps Up

This Summer three high school interns from Champaign Central,
Champaign Centennial and Urbana High digitized 46 high school
yearbooks from 1957 to 1990. Visit the project website to get access
to the yearbooks:

We also are proud to release a video tutorial outlining the steps we
took to make these yearbooks available via digital technology. Anyone
can do what we did with a small amount of money and standard office

Also watch the reception held for the interns at the Champaign Public
Library August 18, 2011: – Part 1 – Part 2


2) Other Community Technology Announcements


UC2B Public Showcase

see attachments
All welcome to come learn about what is happening with this stimulus
money in Champaign-Urbana.


Look for details to appear here soon on the autumn quarterly Broadband
Deployment Council meeting and Central Illinois ARRA Awardees Regional
meeting to be held in October in Champaign-Urbana, I-Hotel:

Find out what is happening across the state. Stay informed and make a difference


Public Computing Wiki

Help keep this directory of places and programs where people can get
educated and use new technologies up-to-date.

Take a minute to correct the information we have or email us with
up-to-date information

Please email us with other community technology announcements in
Champaign-Urbana, and spread the word!