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Very little attention has been given to a discussion of interracial
cooperatives on college and university campuses. In fact the literature
discusses interracial partnerships and organizations but does not
ameliorate the…

Study based on University Avenue between the "North End" and the University of Illinois. Includes discussion of development of black community north of University.

Includes a comparison between big broadband development in North Champaign and East St. Louis.


Files of the Community Advocacy Depot (from the University of Illinois Archives)

Book about the SOLHOT public engagement initiative under the direction of Educational Policy Studies/African-American Studies faculty member Ruth Nicole Brown.

Part of Ethnography of the University Initiative.

Abstract: As a non-traditional student myself, I wanted to explore the struggles of
other non-traditional students, especially those also falling into minority
groups. This paper intends to…

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During the late 1950s and early I 960s, the proponents of the Civil Rights Movement encouraged African
Americans to petition for the protection of their constitutional rights. Securing equality of social and

Based on interviews in Champaign-Urbana's African-American Community.

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Maybe the easiest way to get from the campus of the
University of Illinois to Urbana High School is just to walk
south on Lincoln Avenue to Washington…

Includes discussion of the Unit 4 Champaign Consent Decree Process on page 7 in the context of National histories of educational discrimination.

Abstract: The U.S. District of Columbia’s Federal Circuit Court decision in Hobson v.