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Study based on research in Champaign Unit 4 School District


Based on interviews in Champaign-Urbana's African-American Community.

From First Paragraph:

Maybe the easiest way to get from the campus of the
University of Illinois to Urbana High School is just to walk
south on Lincoln Avenue to Washington…

From Introduction:

The University of Illinois is committed to excellence in research, teaching, and public engagement. The university’s mission is to transform lives and to serve society by educating, creating knowledge, and putting…

Bernice Harrington, Ruth Latham and Ernie Westfield share their memories of growing up in Champaign County at Garden Hills Elementary on January 21, 2011. Video part 1 Video part 2

The University of Illinois enrolled approximately 120 black students in the fall of 1937. A group of around forty students, half white and half black, were attempting to end discrimination at area Champaign-Urbana restaurants. Mixed groups of these…


Report on discrimination in jury selection in Champaign County juries.


This source is a thesis on the ongoing process of the elimination of segregation and the process of integration in Champaign-Urbana, specifically in the educational realm. It features interviews with local residents and members of the school board.


This source is a thesis written at the University of Illinois on the impact that busing of black students on their attitudes towards school. It includes results from surveys and a detailed section on additional or complementary resources.