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Materials from the Round 2 Application for the UC2B Big Broadband Federal Grant.

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Features, especially, coverage on the construction of the new Douglass Center, and surrounding controversy, during the mid-1970s.

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Revs. Larry Lewis, Dr. Eugene Barnes and Charles O. Nash, as well as others in the community, present their letter to the UC2B policy committee, at a February 2011 meeting. This letter, which was written by the pastors, and signed by 15 pastors in…

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Introduction: This directory was created and maintained by member libraries of the Lincoln Trails Library
System—especially Champaign Public Library, Marshall Public Library and Charleston Public Library –
between the late 1990s and…

From the "Illinois Writer's Project" papers

Files of the English Brothers, a local construction firm, regarding the construction of the new Douglass Center in the 1970s.