A Legacy of Community Art in and Around Douglas Park

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A Legacy of Community Art in and Around Douglas Park


Art, Architecture, Dance, Education--K-12--Booker T. Washington School, Youth--Don Moyer's Boys and Girls Club, Media--CU Courier, Music, Non-Profit--Douglass Recreation Center, Research and Data, Social Services, Sports and Recreation


Describes the history of the Douglas Community Center, Douglas Park, and various public works of art around the community. Compiled in fulfillment of course requirement for Urban and Regional Planning 478 (Community Development Workshop).

Taking seriously the need to do work which
benefits the local area, we engaged in discussion
with professionals servicing clients in the North
end of Champaign. These individuals armed us
with a short list of community needs which
included: teen center, grocery store, more youth
activities, and a community center sponsored and
run by those living in the surrounding
neighborhood. We initiated this project during the
fall 2007 semester. During this short time, with the
help of with representatives from the City of
Champaign, we identified two possible locations to
carry out these needs. We were constrained by
resources; hence we chose to produce this
document which identifies art murals in public
spaces. The following booklet illuminates the
creative impulse that has shaped this area through
the years, as well as outlines the key moments in
Champaign's North End.


SriPallavi Nadimpalli and Sandra E. Weissinger


December 7, 2007





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SriPallavi Nadimpalli and Sandra E. Weissinger, "A Legacy of Community Art in and Around Douglas Park," in eBlack Champaign-Urbana, Item #30, https://eblackcu.net/portal/items/show/30 (accessed February 25, 2024).

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